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Uber is hiring!

For reference, Uber is changing the world, and we need every awesome person’s help to get it done.

We’re expanding around the globe, which means there are literally opportunities to work for Uber on every continent (ok, minus Antarctica, but this boat thing is going pretty well so we’ll see).

There’s a fit for you
The biggest advice I have is to simply get in the mix. If you’re more marketing/customer facing, then look at a Community Manager role, if you’re a numbers person and dig supply chain, then apply for Driver Ops. We’ve also have roles as a Launcher. The person that literally brings the Uber love around the world. They’re the explorers figuring out where we can make this work, and do everything in their power to get it done. And, they do. To top it off, we need folks to manage/oversee our markets, the General Manager role. BTW - bilingual for overseas is a major plus!

Roles at Mission Control
Uber is based in San Francisco, and we’re growing our teams in Finance, Design, Engineering, Public Policy, and a few other departments. That would also be an amazing place to land!

What’s next?
Apply! Our full list of available positions is at, and if you think you’re perfect, I’d be happy to chat and potentially submit a referral. Simply shoot me a tweet, and I’ll do my best to reply ASAP.

Not quite right for you? Share with friends! They’ll have mad Uber credits as an employee, so they’ll more than take care of you ;).