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August 28th - 2 Years at Uber

Wow, two years at Uber. 730 days.

I could probably choose the next line as, “time goes fast”, or “feels like way longer than two years”, and they’d be equally true. You definitely get a few grey hairs grinding it out for a fast paced startup for two years.

What’s interesting about life, is there are a few decisions that seem like a no brainer in retrospect (hindsight is 20-20), and furthermore, you can’t remember your life before you made that decision (or the repercussions if you had decided differently).

Applying and joining Uber, will obviously stick out as one of those moments for me, forever. I don’t know what inside of me determined that it was a good idea to apply, and accept the job, but it was the best decision I could have made.

It feels great to be constantly motivated by your work, and feel like your efforts have a direct impact on your business.

All I can hope for anyone, is there feel as passionate about what they do, as I feel about what I’m working on at Uber.

I’m excited to wake up each day, I’m pumped about the challenges we face, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Everyone should feel that way about their work.

Massive thanks to everyone that’s helped me get through the last two years, and supported me along the way. Here’s to another 365.