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5 steps to getting your dream job

We’ve been doing a lot of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring at Uber, and I continue to grow in frustration with some of the effort that I see from a lot of folks. Your job is your life, at least at Uber it is. You should be putting it all on the line, cause in the end, you have nothing to lose! Here are

  1. Don’t apply normally. Create a website, create a tumblr, create anything. Show me that you think outside the box - especially when applying for a creative position.
  2. Go above and beyond. Goes along with #1, but I wanted to re-emphasize. Short of flying a banner off the back of a plane… wait, that’s a great idea :)
  3. Use the product, understand it thoroughly. It’s amazing how many folks we interview that openly lie about their Uber usage. Go actively use the product of the company you’re applying for a job with. In startups, no matter your role, you will inevitably be an ambassador of the brand. Go try it out before you apply.
  4. Be an expert on the product. The internet has made research the easiest thing ever. Read every word about the company, it’s history, and think about what the future holds. Why would you even want to work for a company if you haven’t thought about those things? I should never have to send links to our blog, links to press clippings, a candidate should say “I’ve already read all of this, and I loved it”.
  5. Be all over it. Unless there’s some miracle, no one is going to knock down your door and give you your dream job. Go chase it down, and be relentless. The most successful people at Uber are insane passionate about our product and our brand. Have that, and show that.